Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften e. V. (ADG)

Unsere Philosophie

As a Management Academy, we enable people to lead and create resilient, viable and flourishing human-centered organisations through setting a frame that brings people into impactful action.

Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften e. V. (ADG)


Since 2005 ADG International shares ADG’s 40 years of experience in HR development and training in German cooperatives internationally. Our training programs offer strategic HR development solutions along with new business perspectives. Using proven training techniques and concepts, we break down abstract theoretical topics to their application in day-to-day organizational realities.

Together with our worldwide clients, we develop collaborative qualification approaches and HR development services that enable our clients in the best possible way to fulfil their transformation tasks in leadership and in the context of change projects in a sustainable way. We provide up to date trainings together with international practitioners and experts that share our claim to provide clients with innovative trainings on practically relevant topics using proven learner-centric methodologies.

Service Portfolio

(amongst others)

-       Seminars and trainings

-       Web-based trainings (E-Learnings)

-       Blended-Learning programs

-       Development and implementation of E-Learning offers

-       Workshop organization and implementation

-       Input and impulse presentations

-       Coaching

Focus Topics

(amongst others)

-       HR-development

-       Leadership

-       Change Management

-       Stress Management and Resilience

-       Train-the-Trainer

-       Training Needs Assessments and Training Methodologies

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