Wisdom of Huskies / ANCHOR STUDIO

Unsere Philosophie

ONLINE TRAINING TALKSHOW STYLE. We support you in developing your greatest potential. Our work together is to advance team dynamics and individual performance to maximize organizational growth and elevate personal and collective wellbeing.

Wisdom of Huskies / ANCHOR STUDIO


We offer customized training, coaching, and project support in-company or live from our interactive broadcast studio. Because when technology meets new global challenges, we must re-think the way we collaborate online!


  • we optimize leadership acumen and team PERFORMANCE  
  • advance the CREATIVE REVOLUTION in the corporate environment  
  • re-define ONLINE collaboration and team practices across borders
  • elevate personal skills and confidence in PRESENTATIONS, NEGOTIATIONS, CRUCIAL DIALOGUE and more
  • develop programs for transition processes and CHANGE management
  • and we deliver customized software- and applications training, and online CRM communications platforms & ERP tools

We deliver our workshops in English and German

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