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Unsere Philosophie

We partner with our clients who have the subject matter expertise while we bring in the methodological know-how and help build our clients’ capabilities to raise process performance.

oConsulting GmbH


We are passionate about our clients’ individual and organizational development, as two sides of the same coin. To make our clients benefit most from our expertise we are playing with open cards. Motivating feedback is part of our engagements, contributing to develop company culture towards transparency. In our engagements we generate ownership at the client to achieve TOGETHER and SUSTAINABLY better processes, more output, lower costs, higher quality and reliability and, of course, improved working spirit. Getting better is hard work. And, it has to be fun! Why “O” consulting?


… but this also implies: “O(h)!This is a new experience in consulting!” and “O(h)!, I didn’t think that this was possible!”


We are a team of 25 employees and trusted associates with our main office located in Hamburg, Germany

oConsulting is the new name of Valeocon Operations, a former division of Valeocon Management Consulting.

We focus on Operations Optimization and Operational Excellence Training and Capability Building and have a legacy of 15+ years of experience in consulting with leading pharmaceutical and medical companies.

Valeocon is our partner of choice for all Commercial Excellence related improvements globally.

Social Responsibility

We at oConsulting believe that big things can happen down to earth. We support BigShoe , leveraging the worldwide popularity of soccer in order to help children in need of medical operations.


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Operational Excellence 

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At Acino we’ve started working with oConsulting some years ago when they supported us conducting a comprehensive opportunity assessment  leading to a number of improvement projects, accompanied – the case given – by White Belt and Green Belt trainings.

Working with oConsulting hands-on  bringing operations to the next level and training our people  helped us achieve tangible results.

While very professional, the oConsultants I have worked with have the heart at the right spot, are reliable and flexible partners and really fun to work with.

Alice Gundhardt, Head of Projects and Optimization, Acino