Connected Business UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Unsere Philosophie

Connected Business supports you to bring Compassion and Mindfulness into your daily business interactions. Our vision is to empower and connect people in business to create a new culture of leadership and enterprise.

Connected Business UG (haftungsbeschränkt)


Are you a business person or an entrepreneur? Have you found a personal mindfulness practice that resonates with you but did not yet find a way to implement a daily practice? Do you wish to integrate mindfulness into the way you work or your business culture? We want to support you on your journey. Our programs will give you a guide to leader yourself and others in the digital age.

Fachseminare zu den Themenbereichen

Achstamkeit  Achtsame Führung  achtsame Kultur  Achtsamkeit  Achtsamkeit am Arbeitsplatz  Achtsamkeit im Business  Agil  co-creative working  Compassion  Empowerment  Fokus  Führung  ganzer Mensch  Kultur  Kulturwandel  Mensch  Mindful business  Mindful Leadership  Mindfulness  Mitgefühl  Resilience  Resilienz  Selbstentwicklung  skill  Transformation