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I believe in the potential of human beings. I teach based on a whole person model of Leadership development. I believe Leadership development is an inside-out process that means you start with yourself.

Leadership Center GmbH Trainingscenter


Leadership Camp Inzell, is a 3 day intensive Leadership development course. I use a whole person model and I believe Leadership development is an inside-out process. You will be challenged on various aspects and you will be pushed to get clarity on your values, vision and mission. The focus is on helping you fully understand your core roles of leadership, coaching, and management. My book, called Being on Mission, will form the core of the 3 days and you will reflect on  the 10 principles of personal effectiveness and the dynamics of high performance teams. This Leadership camp is designed for leaders and potential leaders and each course is customized to the benefit of the individual participants. 

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Since 1999, I have been doing in-house training with global companies around the world. By focusing on vision and values and instilling ‘The 10 Principles of Leadership and Life’, I have created huge benefits for individuals and international companies. Due to my success as an in-house trainer, sports coach, and guest speaker at a variety of business schools, I opened my first leadership camp in Kenora, Ontario, on the beautiful Lake of the Woods in 2008. I have now set up another training center and run camps out of Inzell, Germany.