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How is your English? Is your English professional and interculturally correct, or do you just guess and hope you get it right? In today’s globalized business world, professional English skills are an absolute necessity. Managers often complain that they lack professional training in the appropriate modes of communication in English — be it to write emails and letters, or to speak effectively to others in complicated negotiations, difficult telephone calls, and complex meetings. Professional Business English is more than knowing the correct grammar and vocabulary, it requires the knowledge of the suitable style and form for each business situation. Intercultural factors play an enormous role in being an effective communicator in English. In this intensive course we will train a wide variety of professional communication skills to help you be a more professional communicator in English.


Written communication > Emails & letters

Oral communication: > Small talk >Telephoning, > Conducting meetings > Criticizing effectively > Making complaints > Negotiating

The course will be entirely in English with lively discussions and interactions.   While this communication training in English is not a traditional language course focussing solely on grammar and vocabulary, you will still be able to practice your English and learn some useful English phrases necessary for professional communication. Furthermore, you will improve your English so that not only the words are right for the right situation, but the style and form are professional and effective.



By the end of this practical two-day course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the appropriate style for emails, letters, and other forms of written communication
  • Develop communication skills for small talk and other business/social situations
  • Improve your capacity to criticize or make complaints in English without offending the other side
  • Demonstrate your ability to conduct meetings and negotiations
  • Recognize your own cultural background and its influence on communication effectiveness
  • Use appropriate English communication tools and methods to achieve desired results


Business people who need to communicate with customers and partners around the world. Whether you are just beginning your career or have years of experience, anyone who uses English on the job and wants to improve their professional communication skills is welcome to join.

SG-Seminar-Nr.: 1368862

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