MOC 5058/5941 Deploying Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus - Seminar / Kurs von PROKODA GmbH

Voraussetzungen: Experience deploying, managing, and supporting Windows client systems Experience deploying, managing, and supporting Microsoft Office system technologies Familiarity with standard client and application deployment


Seminarziel This two-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills that they need to effectively deploy Microsoft Office 2007. Specifically students learn how to prepare and plan for the Office 2007 deployment, how to build and customize the Office 2007 installation, and how to deploy Office 2007 throughout their environment. Students also learn about the Office 2007 setup and multilingual architecture. Inhalte Preparing to Deploy Microsoft Office 2007 In this module, students learn the benefits of and system requirements needed to deploy Microsoft Office 2007. Students are also introduced to a number of resources and tools that will assist in the deployment of the 2007 Microsoft Office system client products. Introduction to Microsoft Office 2007 Identifying Office 2007 Deployment Resources Microsoft Office Deployment Guidelines and Technologies Planning for a Microsoft Office 2007 Deployment In this module, students learn the benefits and deployment considerations of the Office 2007 Open XML file format. The Microsoft Office Migration Planning Manager is also introduced, which helps organizations analyze and identify potential file conversion or compatibility issues. Planning for the Office 2007 Open XML File Format Assessing the Network Environment for Office 2007 Understanding the Office 2007 Setup Architecture In this module, students learn the benefits and considerations for using and deploying the local installation source, and the general setup sequence of events for Office 2007. Understanding the Use of the Local Installation Source Setup Sequence of Events in the 2007 Office System Customizing the Office 2007 Installation In this module, students learn how to customize an installation and deployment using Office 2007 customization tools. Configuring the Installation Customizing the User Environment Using Group Policy Selecting an Office 2007 Deployment Method In this module, students are introduced to a number of deployment methods based upon various management techniques. Students then focus upon how to deploy Office 2007 using the Active Directory Group Policy method. Understanding Infrastructure Management Techniques Using Group Policy to Deploy Office 2007 Office 2007 Multilingual Architecture In this module, students learn how Office 2007 addresses a multilingual environment. Overview of Multilingual Architecture in Office 2007 Deploying Multiple Languages in Office 2007


The audience of this course consists of IT Professionals and technical decision makers with the skills to successfully plan, deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot desktop environments that support the Microsoft Office system.

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